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Do-It! 53 years of helping families in Lucas County.

Toledo, Ohio is rich in many ways. For this we give thanks as the holiday season approaches. But many among us are struggling to keep their families together, warm and well-fed. The Do-It Group urges individuals, families and businesses who have been blessed with prosperity to join us in helping those in need.

Let's Do-It!

Each year the Do-It Group hosts the "Do-It Party" to raise funds to purchase food and supplies for local families that are down on their luck. We work with local church officials, public and parochial schools, and relief agencies to identify families that can use a little help during the holidays and our members deliver the goods with no questions asked.

Let's make the 2019 Do-It Party even bigger! It is a tradition that is 53 years strong!

Join us on December 12th starting at 4:00 pm at the Players Club (Sylvania and Monroe) for the 2019 Do-It Party!

Thank you to all that came out and generously donated to our fundraiser party which was held at the Players Club earlier this December. Along with the Do-It Party, a good portion of the money was raised from our 2nd annual Golf Outing at Bedford Hills in September. We all enjoyed the Scrambles, food and drink, and many prizes. All who participated had a fun time.

I would like to thank the Clark Family of The Players Club for all their hard work, of which they put in so much effort to ensure the Do-It Party is a big hit. Also, much obliged to Sautter's Market in Sylvania for their outstanding patience while the Do-It Group ravaged their shelves and clogged the aisles, furthermore, for their generous contribution to each family. Sautter's Market and its employees are the finest individuals contributing their hard work and time to make shopping day a success. Thank you to Linda Marckel for all of her contributions and time for shopping all year long. Linda is a super couponer shopper and donates an abundance of products to the families in need, along with the groceries they receive on our drive. Last but not least the Do-It Group is very grateful for the charity's yearly recognition by The Blade, and Sylvania Advantage newspapers...please pick up a copy!

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