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The Do-It Party has benefited from help from many people over the years.

The Do-It Group

Joe Ariaz
Tony Araiz
Tony Araiz Jr.
Ed Biniecki
Ron Buermele
Kyle & Lauren Elkins
George Francis
Tyler Gill
Chuck & Chris Hooven
Mitch Hooven
Jeff & Kim James
Dawn Kaucher
Greg Loeb
Bob Lohmeyer
Tedd Long
Tom Markel
Larry Mauter
Maureen Goodremont
Mike & Kelly McCloud
Leah McCloud
Alan Mollenkamp
Pat Mollenkamp
Ken Myer
Mike Myer
Terry Peters
Mike Rood
Debbie Sendelbach
John Sherman
Mike Szajna
Scott Szajna
Norm Tanber
Glen Taptich
Kevin Tracy
Julie Wasserman

Baker's Dozen Hall of Fame

Gene Demarco
Jerry Francis
Joe Giovannucci
Bob Loeb
George Mancy
Carl Mazzurco
Bob McCarthy
Bob McCloud
Gib Meyer
Tom Thiebart
Bob Wasserman